January updates from The Mile

Thank you all for tuning-in to our creation. 

We launched, you all generously supported us, we sold & sold, work out the kinks, and then the snow came…and we skied the Mile. We skied with friends, family, and in solitude, but never alone as this little project had us giggling our way down the luge. Thank you for joining in on the fun!

We are in re-order, create, and collaborate mode. We are looking for any story-tellers, holders of nostalgia, reports from the field, and legends from The Mile you may have in your ski diaries. As the story comes together, we would love the memories of the collective to color the imaginations of the newcomers. Send us a story/picture to get featured on the blog and win a shirt.

February is exciting for us, we are supporting our first VRD event, will appear on TV8 on Valentine's day (in our favorite heart-adorned shirts) and launch a very special design form Ana's trail sketchbook. Thank you for your love and we will keep you in the loop with all that is ahead! 

With tremendous gratitude, 

Ana & Colleen

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