About Us

Welcome to Minturn Mile Co! We are Colleen and Ana, living and raising our young families at the Game Creek trailhead or terminus of the Minturn Mile. Last spring we were out on an evening walk with our kids, discussing our individual pursuits in healthcare. We love our careers doing all we can to make a positive difference in our patient's lives. But we also shared the desire to tap into our creative side.

 Looking no further than our backyard,  it was on that walk that we came up with the idea to celebrate the Minturn Mile. We deeply value and respect this land we call home, our National Forest access on Native Lands, and celebrate this present day adventure in the most loving way possible.

But first a bit of history: Established in 1904 and far before the post WWII ski industry boom from which Vail Mountain was born, the railroad Town of Minturn sits on the Eagle river on the south side of Vail.  Minturn has a rich history of grit, hard work and great character amongst the weaving river, open meadows, towering cliff bands within grandeur of the Holy Cross wilderness. Minturn's hearty residents worked in mining or the railroad that serviced the mining industry; while some farmed or grazed the land. The present day lore of the Minturn Mile has evolved first from sheep herders whose etchings can be found in the aspen groves. Presently, this special neck of the woods hosts the Mile to those who crave a less "cultivated" adventure ...and love to tell the tale.

We observe each weekend that pure joy and sense of adventure felt by those having just skied or snowboarded down the Mile. So joyful and unique is the sound of skis slapping down our street all day. To us, the Mile has hosted slackcountry tours, wedding ceremony ski downs; even the “first descent” for happy kids and their proud parents. The Mile has guided many unsuspecting rope-ducking tourists to Minturn as well as an occasional search and rescue mission. After an amazing powder day at Vail, repeat Milers trade in Bridge Street bars for the hike, ski, whoop & luge down to après in Minturn. When the seasons shift, skis are traded for bikes and backpacks. As fall looms, it is bounty to berry picking toddlers & hunters alike. 

Please join us in celebrating the Minturn Mile. We would love to hear from you. Send us an email and tell us your Minturn Mile story. 

Colleen & Ana

**If you have reached us, Minturn Mile Co, prior to your own first Mile descent, know the Minturn Mile is not a beginner backcountry adventure.  As in life, in the backcountry, luck often favors those prepared. Do your research, bring a trusted friend, the necessary safety gear and a make plan. **